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On stage, Melissa shines as an emcee, interviewer, moderator and speaker. On top of regularly delivering keynotes about money, she also shares her personal experiences about overcoming challenges throughout her colourful career and harnessing her personal brand.


Melissa is the resident money expert on CTV’s The Social. She also shares her financial insight on BNN, CBC Radio, Canada AM, Global News, Newstalk 1010, 99.9 Virgin Radio, CJAD 800, CKNW and CHCH’s Square Off.


Melissa writes about personal finance for the Financial Post. Her work has also been featured in the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, Vice Canada, Reader’s Digest and in major dailies across the country.

About Melissa

Melissa Leong is a personal finance writer, keynote speaker, on-air personality and bestselling author. She briefly considered calling her upcoming money book “Well” so then everyone would say: “Well written by Melissa Leong.”

She writes about personal finance for the Financial Post and appears on CTV’s The Social as its resident money expert. Through her channels, she reaches millions of Canadians in a quest to help them manage their money while maximizing happiness. She regularly lectures on the subject of money and shares her savings tips on radio and television programs such as CBC Radio, Canada AM, Newstalk 1010, CJAD 800, CKNW and CHCH’s Square Off.

Over the last 15 years, she has covered a variety of subjects including crime, politics, terrorism, arts and business for the National Post, the Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail. She has profiled survivors of the Rwandan genocide, investigated nanny abuse in Hong Kong and interviewed thousands of subjects, including heads of state, royalty and celebrities such as Hugh Jackman and Carrie Fisher.

Her self-published paranormal adventure novels, What Kills Me and I Am Forever, written under the pen name Wynne Channing, have sold almost 70,000 copies and soared to #1 on a number of bestseller lists on Amazon.

In her spare time, she teaches salsa dancing, mentors youth and volunteers for organizations that promote the advancement and empowerment of young women.

She’s also fully prepared for a zombie invasion and if that doesn’t occur, she’s happily saving for retirement and for her kid’s education.

What people are saying about Melissa’s work

“Informative,” “thought-provoking,” “illuminating,” and “vibrant” are some of the descriptors our participants used. Her ability to connect with her audience both during and after her presentation was another hallmark of a great presenter and presentation. She was receptive to our organizational needs and tailored her presentation to fit those goals. I would recommend her to any group looking to inspire, motivate and uplift their group on financial literacy.

Jeff Balch Conference Lead, Financial Literacy Conference | Ontario Teachers’ Federation

Melissa is truly an amazing speaker who can capture a crowd in any environment. It doesn’t matter if it’s a crowd of 250+ people or in front of a live TV audience, she’ll motivate everyone in attendance. From personal finance to how to market your own brand, Melissa shares practical tips that you can use right away.

Barry Choi Personal Finance & Budget Travel Expert | CityNews Director

The trust she is able to build in the short duration of her presentation is amazing. Everything about Melissa’s presentation was perfect, from the anecdotes that help people relate to the information to the presentation slides she used.

Evelyn Fok Community Librarian, Business & Employment | Markham Public Library

Melissa captivated the Canadian Personal Finance Conference audience with her energy and enthusiasm for personal finance. She’s a dynamic and polished speaker.

Kerri-Lynn McAllister Co-chair | Canadian Personal Finance Conference

All who attended were completely engaged…She has a vibrant personality and her passion for personal finance could be felt throughout the program.

Elise Falzarano Librarian | Toronto Public Library

I could have listened to her talk financial happiness for hours.

Lianne Laing Host of CTV Morning Live

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